My name is Mercy La Bossiere (he/him pronouns) and this is the blog for my PUB 101 (Publishing of Self in Everyday Life 101) class. I am Métis and French on my father’s side and mixed European on my mother’s. I’m in the second semester of my first year at Simon Fraser University with the IUPP (Indigenous University Preparation Pathway) program.

I’ve been interested in all kinds of psychology since I was a child, from morality and behavioral branches to mental health and cognitive studies. My most basic goal for this website is to serve as a solid foundation for beginners who want to learn more about personality theory and an outlet for my love of video games (+ movies, tv shows, musicals, etc). I’ll be specifically tackling cognitive functions and the enneagram, just to keep things manageable for everyone. As well, theories like Socionics, Temperaments, and Attitudinal Psyche are much more approachable when you’re familiar with these concepts. 

When I first became curious about personality theory, I found the process of learning the basics to be incredibly frustrating on my own. These circles are often filled with mass disagreements, unnecessary competition, and an overall air of hostility towards differing opinions. However, I believe the online sphere of personality theory has the potential to be a strong community where users can feel safe to share ideas and respectfully debate.

It would be a disservice to not include my own typology:

MBTI: ENFP (Ne-Fi-Te-Si)
Enneagram + subtype: self-preservation/social 6w7 with 641 Tritype
Big 5 (SLOAN model): x/L/oA|I| (RLOAI in simple terms)

These are theories that I’ve explored for fun but don’t necessarily believe in:

Attitudinal Psyche: EFLV (E-1, F-2, L-3, V-3)
Temperament: Sanguine-Melancholic
Socionics: ESE by reinin dichotomies (still figuring out, might be SEI, EIE, or IEE)

If you’d like to learn more about any topic I cover, there are sources for further reading at the bottom of some posts. This blog is based on my own thoughts, feelings, and ideas, and I happily invite comments of any kind, including corrections or questions.

I’m always trying to learn more and I’m open to differing perspectives surrounding my interpretation of personality theory. Although I find this study to be very useful in navigating interpersonal relationships, I acknowledge its limitations and I do not take it as scientific fact of any kind.

Don’t worry about any of my images being made by DALL-E (or posts being written by ChatGPT); I am adamantly against AI in the creative space for many reasons, especially as an artist myself who doesn’t consent to my work being used without my permission.

All images shown on my website without attribution are either digital art I’ve drawn using Clip Studio Paint or photos I’ve taken.

I’m available by email at [email protected] if you wish to contact me directly.


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