Mini Assignment #5 – Infographic

An infographic with 4 social media sites separated into two categories named "browsing" and "creating".

For our final mini assignment, we have to make an infographic describing our online identity. I chose to focus on the main 4 social media sites I currently use, divided into how I browse and create content on each.

I find the contrast between Tumblr and Twitter to be especially interesting, since they have only gotten more different over the years I’ve been active. Tumblr is by far my favourite social media site for posting art and other photos, since the quality isn’t ruined by compression like Twitter.

You can also add as many tags as you want to a post, which doubles as a more relaxed form for both the creator and other users to make comments. There are also more options for arranging images, and the overall culture allows art pieces posted years ago to suddenly gain traction again in a way that Twitter directly discourages.

I’ll definitely miss making these mini assignments now that this course is ending, but I appreciate the prompts for giving me an excuse to get creative!


  • April 4, 2023
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