Process Post #5 – Genre and Form

I promised not to include any text on my last mini assignment, but I still wanted to share the inspiration behind the numbers gif. I binge-watched the tv show Severance this past week and I can say it’s right up my alley in terms of genre, as a psychological thriller, drama, AND mystery all in one (not to mention the incredible world building as a dystopian work of fiction).

For my gif, I made the iconic number grid from the computers as I wanted to make something that wouldn’t spoil the plot but would still be recognizable.

This show includes some of the best cinematography, art direction, and story that I’ve seen in a while, as well as great performances and very real characters. It subverts the comedic office sitcom wonderfully, and allows you the space to create theories and connect each small callback and bit of symbolism. I enjoy how the way each episode is presented allows two people to have entirely unique reasoning behind each line or detail, and often they can both be right!

We’ve similarly been dissecting the role of genre and form in blog entries recently. One of my favourite ways to combine forms is through mixed media, as there is something so captivating about seeing a scan or photo of something physical presented alongside digital creations. Although I’m rather new to blending these two ways of drawing, I love seeing other artists experiment with medium and turn my expectations around. 

I overestimated the amount of content I’d be able to create for this week, so I’ll let this serve as an announcement that I won’t be making such long process posts in the future. I would keep writing a drawn-out love letter to Severance but I’ll reserve possible analysis for a future blog post (or maybe just a conversation with someone, anyone, who has also seen it).


  • February 13, 2023
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