Mini Assignment #2 – Guest Post

Heeey there everyone!

I’m always looking for neat trails to visit and I haven’t encountered many fans in a while, so when I ran into Mercy up here on the mountain, I was so surprised to find someone who recognized me! 

You might know me as the unbeatable Squirrel Girl™ (haha), but I’ve got plenty of other nicknames ranging from flattering tooo… less so. I’ve always had dual Canadian citizenship, but I haven’t really taken advantage of it until these last few years. 

I don’t mean to brag, but I was actually in a pretty cool computer science program back in America; I only recently graduated from Empire State University myself. I’ve somehow never taken a psychology class but I’m always up to learn new things, so I’m giving this a chance! 

Mercy here gave me a quick run-down of everything covered on this blog, so hopefully I’ll be qualified enough to write up this quick guest post for him. From what I can tell, I’d be a type 7!! I love that there’s one of these for easy-going gals like myself, the world could always use more positivity!

As for the other one, Mercy and I seem to be birds of a feather in that regard (I believe it was ENFP?) I don’t think I’ll dive too deep into this particular sea, but my friend Nancy would LOVE the Enneagram stuff! 

Now then, I’ll have to get going before it gets too dark, but I see you still need a featured image; would a photo of me suffice? Since you didn’t ask for an autograph or anything, It seems only fair! 

Anyways, I’ll seeya some other time!

  • January 30, 2023
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